Teachers Write 2016: A Girl and her tools

I am excited to be participating in the online camp Teachers Write 2016.  Teachers have so little time to work on their own writing skills.  It is nice to hone our own craft in an effort to be more creative and fulfilled as well as to improve our instruction.

The first lesson discussed writer’s notebooks.  Notebooks.  Wow.  I have a few.  More than I can remember.  I feel like they represent a hodgepodge of my writing and life.  Sometimes I used notebooks to chronicle a trip or vacation.  Other notebooks are full of notes from professional development or master’s coursework.  My current notebook is full of ideas, starts to short stories, and quick writes.  I think I would like to continue this notebook.  I really enjoy sketching ideas when I think of them and then using those to influence the beginning of a new story.  I start many ideas in my notebook and the ones that stick are the ones that get typed.

I seem to be able to be more creative when writing with a pen in a notebook as opposed to typing on my computer in a google doc.  There is something magical in that pen, and I like some pens more than others.  My current favorite is my Mickey pen I got from my husband for Christmas.

I also like to have nice notebooks.  I find that a nice hard cover notebook is easier to write in.  My current notebook is a hard cover journal with the Stark emblem, from Game of Thrones, on the cover.  Yah, Mickey pen and Stark notebook, that’s what I said.

To me the tools matter.  Good tools help me produce better work.  I have no idea why. Even my Mickey pen and Stark notebook make me feel better about my writing.  I think that’s all that matters.  Feel good about your writing and use the tools that make you feel good about it.


2 thoughts on “Teachers Write 2016: A Girl and her tools

  1. So glad you’re doing this! I was part of Teachers Write last summer and loved it! No Teachers Write for me this year…but I did sign up for a writing course through the blog Coffee & Crumbs – a mama blog I really love. Hope it’s a great summer of writing for you!!!


  2. I have a “eureka moments” notebook for my Masters dissertation. It was helpful to jot down those ideas at 2 a.m. that I would soon forget when I woke 3 hours later… It soon became a necessary item to carry as a consequence and one where I would end up scrawling not only my thoughts but references and quotes. I used it again when I published my work. You’re right-it represents a part of my life and one that I’m glad that you reminded me of. I’ve just had a fond trip down memory lane…


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